Galvanic Isolators

used to reduce Gavalnic corrosion associated with shore power stray voltages, stops it dead. Request a quote..




​Installation of Solar Systems

from 15watt solar systems to however much space you have, average 200watt system provides 16amps. Request a quote




​Enginering repairs

Repairs to control panels, replacement panels.





Lighting upgrade/repair

LED lighting upgrades/replacements for your vessel. giving a saving of over 80% from the battery bank extending your cruising areas







CCTV systems installed, allows you to see inside your engine bay, the bow and stern, the sides, or anywhere you wish.




​Navigation equipment

Navigation suites installed, additional plotters, connections to TV and laptops. VHF systems.




Additional power, lighting

Have you decided you want that extra socket/Light in this particular place, well we can give you that option.





Battery Bank calculations​ and Testing

Calculations based on your battery demands, your batteries as fitted, information on how to save power, additional batteries if required..




European sockets converted to UK sockets

Have you decided you want your sockets to be easier to use, change your european sockets to UK sockets.